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Shadowcross / Jan 10, 2016
After a six month hiatus, The Order of Goldrinn is back!

Applications are officially re-opened for The Order of Goldrinn.

A big congratulations to Sigmar and Elizabelle for undertaking the position of Head of House Ashmore and Dosett (respectively)!

A new major change to the guild; from here onwards, The guild is officially open to all members of The Alliance. Looking back on when the guild was first created all the way back in 2012, Wyrmrest Accord was a very different server. As with anything, people come and people go, ideas evolve and you adapt accordingly. We believe it is in the best interest for the guild and for its members for the IC line up of The Order to consist of various races instead of just Humans and Worgens. With that said, Human and Worgen roleplayers have no fear, we will not be straying too far from our Gilnean roots. But, we will be adding an additional layer of depth and diversity to increase appeal of the guild to the other races.

In addition, all former members of the guild are welcome to return with their IC rank intact. In short: anyone with an accepted application is welcome to rejoin without the need for an additional application.

For a bit more detailed answered regarding some frequent concerns regarding the new direction of the guild, please check out the Guild Revamp FAQ post found by clicking here